When you place an order from Hamorabi, the process of purchase and subscription will be handled by 2Checkout.


If you purchase a subscription plan from Hamorabi, your order will be renewed automatically based on the subscription plan you select, unless you voluntarily cancel your subscription. This article will guide you how to cancel the subscription for your 2Checkout order.

How to Cancel Subscription?

Step 1. Click HERE to access 2Checkout Customer Area. You can also find the Login portal in the confirmation email sent by 2Checkout Team.

Step 2. If this is the first time you login to 2Checkout Customer Area, Fill in your Purchase Email Address or Order Number and click Send access link.

Step 3. If the email address you entered is associated with a 2Checkout order, you will shortly receive an email with a login link valid for 1 hour. Click on the link in the email to log in to (MyAccount).

Step 4. After logging in to (MyAccount), click View all ### orders to get a list of all your 2Checkout orders.

Step 5. Locate the order you want to cancel the subscription for the list and click View order details.

Step 6. You will access the page to review the detailed information for this order, including your billing and delivery information, license code, unit price and tax information etc. Click Product history on this page.


Step 7. If the subscription status is Active showing in this page, your order will be automatically renewed based on your subscription plan. Click Stop automatic subscription renewal and confirm it in the prompted window to disable the auto-renewal.

Step 8. After you confirm, the auto-renewal will be immediately disabled. Your subscription plan will also be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle. You will shortly receive an email from 2Checkout Team to confirm this cancellation.

Please note: after you cancel the subscription, your license code will remain activated in the product till the next billing cycle. After that, the license will be disabled and the product will stop working on your computer.

The subscription can be reinstated at any time in (MyAccount). Click Enable auto-renewal to reinstate the subscription, and your order will be auto-renewed in the next billing cycle based on your subscription plan.

If you do not remember your purchase email address or order number, please contact Hamorabi Support at